Thursday, May 17, 2012

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A cousin of mine asked the age old question of, "Why do bad things happen to good people, while bad people get good things that they don't deserve?"

The Christian answer is that God gives us all our own unique challenges to polish us and strengthen us for eternal greatness and reward, and that the bad people will only enjoy a momentary joy, for they shall receive their justice at the final judgment.  All will be made right in the end.

I'm really trying to insert the proper words to express how I truly feel about all that without offending, but I'm coming up blank.

Sorry.  But I call bullshit.  Stop living in fear of God and stop feeling guilty for not being on bended knee grateful for every damn trial. 

Explain to me the logic of that religious blather when you read a news article bout a woman arrested for letting her internet boyfriend have sex with her 5 month old infant to fulfill his sexual fantasies.

Explain that logic as a 10 year old child if repeatedly raped by a family member, is denied an abortion because she can't prove it, and is forced to give birth to a baby.

Explain that logic to me when a young boy lures his 4 teaser old sister over to a tree to intentionally hang and kill her and then goes to bed as though nothing happened.

You can waste your breath trying to tell me that it's a matter of Faith. But, I call ur Faith and raise you Reality! 

People, listen closely and carefully as to what I am about to tell you, because it could change your life. 

Bad things happen to good people every day.  Good things happen to bad people every day.  And, for the sake of those who look toward their faith and/or a final judgment to finally level the playing field in a spectacle of fire and damnation or as a thief in the night....  I hope that you will forgive me for my complete lack of ability to embrace your way of thinking. 

Karma is a philosophy I can embrace, but have recently begun to take an even more distant approach to that. 

Here is the bottom line. Here is where I stand, as I said yesterday, with my feet firmly planted in the quicksand of rock bottom. Here is my answer to my cousin's question.

Darling, the Universe has no prejudice. So what right do we have to make a judgment on whether anyone deserves good or bad.  It gives what it gives. We take what it gives and we do what we do with it. 

If only people would stop this insane idea that God actually has a prejudice for or against any mortals, to give them more our less goodness/tragedy.

No prejudice. That's the law of the universe. Prejudice, punishment, training for battle and greater glory, that's all human thinking and concepts.

I prefer to stand by the No Prejudice concept of the Universe.  If only everyone would just live that way...


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