Sunday, February 6, 2011

Top Ten Reasons Fishing is Better than Sex!


This blog entry is a repost from July 6, 2010...  as I sit here in the midst of winter, I long for the warmth of summer...  With Puerto Rican blood flowing through me, I just LOVE the heat!  And, the good Southern blood that flows loves camping and - of course - FISHING!!! 

This blog entry was written prior to the arrival of love of my life and soul mate... 
Since then, I may have reformed my prior opinion... 
Nevertheless, fishing still comes in a very close second!

Top Ten Reasons Fishing is Better than Sex!

1.  You don't need a partner to do it.

2.  You can do it with as many different people as you want,  men and women, and no one will think your a slut.

3.  If you catch something, you can throw it back...  no antibiotics necessary.

4.  You don't have to be embarrassed or come up with creative excuses if your kids find your stash of toys (boats, poles, reels, lures, etc.)

5.  The more toys you have, the better it is (on the same token, partners don't freak out when you bring all your toys.)

6.  You can do it in public.

7.  You can do it no matter what your age and with partners of any age.

8.  It doesn't matter if your forgot to shave.

9.  Bragging is socially acceptable.

10.  The size of the fish really doesn't matter.


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